How can OKRs be used at every level of your company?

Dec 20, 2022
How can OKRs be used at every level of your company?

Business organizations have learned to prioritize certain things that will influence growth and success. Quite a few things can be mentioned, but OKRs are special. They are powerful tools used in setting goals and ensuring that an organization has tasks aligned with its mission. OKR has intrinsic value to a company, and no wonder it is being used at every level. From different case studies, it works. This article aims to deliver perfect examples of OKRs benefits at these levels.  

Below are the major business levels that OKRs are beneficial

  • Company Level
  • Departmental Level
  • Cross-Functional Level
  • Individual Level 

How Can OKRs be used at the Company Level? 

Generally, Company-level OKRs are the most popular types because they are designed to meet the expectation of a business. This OKR is set on a long-term approach to reach a company’s ultimate goal. That is why businesses have at least three objectives and expect four or five key results. 


For instance, an internet-providing company aims to be the leading industry provider by the end of the year. To achieve this, the company has to put up a team of specialists, with each handling various responsibilities. One team works on ensuring the perfect marketing campaigns; the other focuses on getting reviews and feedback from end users. At the end of the day, executives leading the team will have to review efforts and adjust to make sure goals are achieved regardless within a timeframe.  

How Can OKRs be used at the Departmental Level?

The department-level OKR is also called team OKR. It focuses on the special teams working together in a business. The goal is to ensure that these departments or teams’ efforts align to achieve the company’s mission. 


In a company with four teams or departments – research and development, marketing, sales, and customer relations- their efforts must be collaborative. That means as the research and development team is developing a product or service that will be beneficial, the marketing team is ready to deploy strategies to promote it. On the other hand, the sales team will develop strategic positions to determine how much they can sell to an available audience. Customer relations (being the last) gets to know the end user’s satisfaction with the product or service and relates feedback on improvement. 

How Can OKRs be used at the Cross-Functional Level?

Cross-Functional Level is another type of departmental level (inter-departmental) OKR. However, it involves a team working towards the OKR of another. There is a key result different from the company’s but ultimately directed at meeting their goals eventually. 


A company needs a research and development centre in another location; instead of the r&d team handling this, the management or administrative team does. Another instance is the HR department recruiting a software expert for the technical team. While such a person’s responsibilities are to their department, the HR team ensures they have the necessary skills and qualifications to function. 

How Can OKRs be used at the Individual Level?

Individual-Level OKR focuses on individual members of a team or a company generally. This OKR measures an individual’s responsibility and ensures that whatever they do is directed at personal and company growth. 


A software engineer may have to develop a strategy to meet the monthly quota of a company – for instance, performing at least two daily tasks. In areas where such a person lacks the skills required for task execution, it is paramount that they find ways to gain knowledge or skill sets to function effectively. They have to do this while still meeting up with daily tasks. 

Benefits of Using OKRs at Every Level

From whatever has been discussed above, it is obvious that OKRs have benefits at every level. Below are some notable ones

  • OKRs help business executives, departments, and individuals set measurable goals, allowing them to develop strategies to achieve them. 
  • OKRs track progress at every level and inspires growth. 
  • OKRs help businesses and individuals discover major challenges to find solutions in the line of operation. 

Huminos software is a beneficial tool for corporate organizations. It is an OKR software that will help businesses, teams, and individuals achieve great outcomes by focusing on three principles – aspiring for growth, inspiring work culture, and measuring outcomes. There is a chance to stay aligned with a mission as long as Huminos is involved. 


OKRs help companies make smart and measurable goals. And one way of achieving these goals is understanding that OKR works at various corporate levels. Each corporate level has been discussed, alongside how OKR can be used and an example to support the statement. The collaboration of these OKRs will ultimately influence the growth and success of such a business. 

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