How to use OKRs to Launch a Saas Product?

Sep 19, 2022
How to use OKRs to Launch a Saas Product?

For many contemporary firms, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) have proven to be a fantastic success and the key to unlocking corporate success. To maintain a competitive advantage in today’s changing market, small startups and established businesses must iterate their priorities more quickly. 

Initiated by Google, Walmart, Netflix, and other firms, OKRs are now being utilized more frequently by SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses to spur growth by hitting predetermined goals. When properly implemented, OKRs for SaaS businesses aid in focusing on a set of objectives, holding everyone accountable for their actions and how they advance business success.

What are OKRs?

Objective Key Results are a popular framework for assessing goals and monitoring results to keep everyone in your organization motivated. 

Senior executives and founders of startups know how difficult it may be to maintain operations throughout a company’s formative years. How can you find time for other crucial operations like closing new hires, facing the competition, and expanding your market presence when managing a new product, preparing for feature releases, and establishing feedback loops to improve new offerings?

What are OKRs in SaaS?

Using the SaaS OKR framework, you may establish essential objectives for your company. The OKRs may be quantitative or qualitative (such as consumer expectations or percentage of profits).

You can utilize OKRs to establish a solid system of decision-making where each employee is aware of how to complete tasks and monitor their advancement. 

OKRs also assist in establishing transparency among teams and provide everyone with a clear direction, limiting the overlap of individual goals and priorities.


Use of OKRs in marketing for Saas companies

The marketing department ensures that customers learn about your product and register for free trials to experience its advantages.

Your marketing team should have access to the necessary technology or find alternative solutions if one of your SaaS marketing objectives is to increase productivity. For instance, you can implement a chatbot to engage with people with repeated concerns to decrease scheduling delays.

Objective: Launch a chat box (input proposed feature)

Key results: Encourage Y number of users to get this new feature

Product management

Product management entails determining consumer issues and what constitutes a successful product. The vision of a product is laid out by the product manager, along with the tactics required to realize it.

Objective: Establish the vision for a new product.

Key results

Obtain the preliminary opinions of potential clients.

Obtain a UI mockup design usability rating of X from Y% of the potential clients.

OKR in Sales for Saas

The correct sales OKRs encourage sales reps to forge solid connections with their clients and guarantee that they will stick by them.


Boost recurring monthly income.

Key outcomes

Look for X upsell possibilities

close Y upsell transactions

Earn $Z through upsells

How to use OKRs to Launch a Saas product?

It won’t be enough to choose the OKRs unless you successfully put them into practice. Here is an OKR framework that can help you launch your Saas product.

  • Have a clear vision

Your teams must be aware of where they are going. Establish the mission and vision of the teams before deciding on the goals and essential outcomes.

The first stage in inspiring people is to establish the goal. They would better comprehend your expectations of them and your strategy for business expansion. They would be able to connect their OKRs with their corporate objectives.

  • Ascertain your OKRs

You must first decide the value of the objective key results before selecting them. You might then concentrate on the appropriate KPIs and metrics. Verify that your primary findings can adequately respond to the following questions:

Are consumers actually in need of this feature? How many customers are ready to pay for it? Will this feature increase engagement for you? What does it matter if you add a blog to your website? What advantages would it have for your customers and your company?

Consider how additional elements, such as customer lifetime value, fit into your objective and whether you should consider consumer feedback. You can proceed with the OKRs if you are pleased with the responses.

Only reviewing the OKRs’ development at the start and conclusion of each cycle is insufficient.

You must continuously monitor the organization’s progress toward its overall goals. Additionally, you must keep an eye on each team member to ensure that they are moving at the proper pace to meet the deadline-bound goals. This should be done once a week. 

The team leads can still be scheduled for biweekly one-on-one meetings, though. Assist them in whatever way you can to ensure they achieve their objectives.

This ensures that everything is on course to prevent future wastage of your time and other resources.


Key outcomes and objectives are essential for measuring your company’s success. They aid in defining the organization’s overall goals and bring a team under a single focus.

Set a vision, choose OKRs, assess OKR progress, establish feedback loops, and produce reports to execute OKRs successfully for your Saas product launch.

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