The best OKR software in 2023 is Huminos: Learn why

Mar 22, 2022
The best OKR software in 2023 is Huminos: Learn why

Best OKR Software

We will keep this brief, straightforward, and to the point. Yes, we believe Huminos is THE BEST OKR software solution out there today. We don’t often blow our trumpets- however, we assumed it was time people should know what makes Huminos stand out from the rest.

“Huminos” was created keeping in mind to be an OKR focused solution built on a solid OKR framework used by the likes of successful corporate giants such as Google, Intel & Microsoft.

There are many recognized OKR software solutions in the market. But, Huminos is the best because we have seen them all, and Huminos is the one that is truly OKR focused. We understand the significance of setting and achieving objectives, and the Huminos OKR platform has been developed to help you do just that.

Huminos didn’t just jump into building a solution just because we had a team of world-class developers (which we proudly boast of having). But thorough research led by a panel of experts was done to ensure the actual concepts of OKRs lay the foundation of what we were about to build.

Here are a few reasons why Huminos is the OKR software you have been looking for:

Huminos has a forever free plan for SMBs

Small businesses are in the thick of things when it comes to managing their budget, but we’ve got your back.

Huminos has a forever-free plan which is not so prevalent in this industry. If you are a small or medium-sized business, feel free to get the hang of our software absolutely for FREE until you grow into a larger operation!

Built on a solid OKR framework

The framework that we use to deliver great results for our customers using our product has been built on a well-researched expert-led OKR system that’s had success worldwide. You can’t just build an awesome UI-UX and expect it will be enough; you need the core principle of this approach–the ones about making companies successful in achieving their goals through strategic planning.

We are purely OKR focused

Many other products in the market started as something else now want to turn their heads to OKRs, just because they realize its relevance only now. Huminos is hundred percent dedicated to OKRs & everything else is built around OKRs including productivity tracking, feedback, meetings, pulse surveys, etc.

We integrate with your favorite productivity tools

Huminos integrates with your favorite productivity tools such as Slack & Microsoft Teams, so you can use them from anywhere. We make sure that our customers don’t have to switch away and work in a different mode just because they’re collaborating on the same project or task lists together – it’s all integrated to make it easy for you to navigate. Check out the list of integrations here with our OKR software.

Outcome-based pricing

We are sure you have a few solutions in your tech stack that you rarely employ or use at all. This problem is pervasive with organizations as they grow bigger. You may be paying for solutions that your team or an ex-employee has bought but has been forgotten. Even though OKR is a strategic function & needs to be religiously updated on a regular basis, Huminos ensures you don’t pay anything extra. Pay for what you use is our motto.

Complete goal management solution

Huminos is an entire goal management solution that takes care of everything else that comes with it such as effective employee conversations, calibration meetings, pulse surveys, smart reports, feedback management & more.

In-built OKR Coach

You don’t have an OKR champion, no worries we can make you one. Leverage and learn with hundreds of quick and brief e-learning videos while you work and take quizzes around unconscious biases, OKRs, 1:1 meetings, check-ins, feedback, team effectiveness, building trust, and more.

Check what our customers say about us:


Ayush Lodhi, Co-founder & CTO

“As a fast growing SaaS startup with remote working teams, we use OKRs to drive radical focus and meaningful outcomes. Team members have clear expectations resulting in increased engagement and reduced attrition.”


Himanshu Geed, Co-founder & CEO

“huminos has certainly taken our engagement & productivity up a notch. We’re now able to define and monitor objectives quite seamlessly, benchmark our progress & keep everyone aligned towards our goals. Certainly facilitated a greater sense of shared accountability for all of us.”


Samridhi Singh, Chief Culture Officer

“At FarMart we implemented OKRs early on – this has not only helped us define our business levers, shape our growth playbook, but also ensured that the whole team is aligned and focused on the ‘North Star’. The huminos platform is intuitive, packed with many useful features and most importantly, built by a great team who have been very helpful in guiding us through our OKR journey.”

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