What’s New 🎉 August 2021

Sep 06, 2021
What’s New 🎉 August 2021

(1) Now allow users to update their Profile Picture

You can now update your profile picture on huminos platform under your profile section if enabled by the admin.

To enable this feature, Admin can go to the Admin → Settings → Miscellaneous tab

(2) Make your OKRs more informative

We have added a description field which users can use to provide additional details about their OKRs such as the rationale, guided milestones etc.

(3) Invite users to huminos using invitation email

Admin can add users and invite them using an invitation email triggered from huminos platform. To send invitation email, admin can go to Manage → Users under the admin section and click on Send Invitation Email link and select the type of users to send the email. While adding a single user, admin can invite them instantly through the check box.

Admin can also customize the message of invitation email under the Settings → Messages tab in Admin section. You can update the title text, sub text, image and description.

If you are using Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure Active Directory sync to manage your users, you can enable the configuration in huminos platform so that every new user get automatic invitation email from the platform.

To enable this feature, Admin can go to the Admin → Settings → Miscellaneous tab and select the checkbox to send automatic invitation email.

(4) Assign Billing Role to Admin to Manage Payments

You can now assign Billing Admin role to your admins who are responsible to manage the payments on huminos platform and only those users would have access to view, create or update the subscription and payment details.

(5) Customize Meeting Template For Your Organization

Admin can now customize or add their own company meeting templates that are visible to users while scheduling 1:1 meeting with their team.

Manage your meeting templates at Manage → Template → 1:1 Conversations tab under the admin section. You can add a new template or edit, delete or deactivate a existing meeting template.

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