What’s New 🎉 February 2022

Mar 02, 2022
What’s New 🎉 February 2022

(1) Reflect and score the OKR’s 🎯

User and manager can reflect on the progress of objective achieved at the end of the OKR cycle. In this system, you grade each key result, then average the results to grade the overall objective. System provides a default score for each OKR at the end of the cycle and it can be changed by the user or their manager based on the standard scale for the company.

(2) Add weights to objective ⚖️

Objective owner can define the specific weights for their objectives that specifies their progress contribution of objectives for a user. Weights to objectives define the priority and importance of the objective for the users.

(3) Create campaign from templates 🗂

huminos provides campaign templates for the admin to get started with the platform. This campaign template include launch & CEO email, craft OKRs, best practices to create 1:1 meeting or sharing feedback. Admin can use these template to engage and train their employees based on different topic and use it as channel to make annoncement.

About huminos

huminos is a comprehensive performance conversations platform that helps your employees to achieve impactful outcomes, even if they are working remotely. Features like OKRs, 1:1 conversations, feedbacks, reflections, and pulse allow you to plan and measure work that really matters to your company.

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