Feb 04, 2022

What’s New πŸŽ‰ January 2022

(1) Add weights to the key results βš–οΈ

Objective owner can define the specific weights for their key results that specifies their progress contribution towards their parent objective. Weights to key results define the priority and importance of the key result in achieving the progress of parent objective. Weights can be applied to only those key results that are contributing to the parent objective progress. If their contribution is disabled, you can not assign weight to them. Assigning 0 weight means that progress of the key result will not impact the progress of the parent objective.

(2) Improved performance of adoption report πŸ“ˆ

Admin of the huminos platform can now view and download the adoption report for all their user’s activity. This report provides detail view of their login activity, OKRs and check-in frequency, 1:1 meeting and usage of feedback across the company.

(3) Configure the nudges frequency to fort-nightly ⏰

Admins can now setup the nudges frequency to fort-nightly for 1:1 meetings and check-ins on OKRs. This configurations is extended to all the nudges in the platform with option like weekly, fort-nightly and monthly reminders.

(4) Target campaign to only managers in the company πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

We have added a target option to only managers in the campaign section. Admin can now create and send campaign messages to only managers in their company. This feature allow the admin to share and engage with the managers easily and frequently.

About huminos

huminos is a comprehensive performance conversations platform that helps your employees to achieve impactful outcomes, even if they are working remotely. Features like OKRs, 1:1 conversations, feedbacks, reflections, and pulse allow you to plan and measure work that really matters to your company.

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Mahaveer Jain

Mahaveer Jain

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