Whatโ€™s New ๐ŸŽ‰ July 2021

Aug 05, 2021
Whatโ€™s New ๐ŸŽ‰ July 2021

(1) Manage huminos platform notifications

Huminos platform provides natives integration to collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Admins on the huminos platform can enable this integration for their company and their users can use this integration to receive nudges from the huminos platform, view objectives, and track progress via check-ins.

Admin Notification Preference

User Notification Preference

huminos platform sends nudges to the users on many notification channels based on the active integration and admin notification preference. Users can set their own notification preferences for the enabled notification channels.

To know more about updating notification preference go to the huminos documentation page.

(2) Create 1:1 meetings with shared Agenda, templates & tasks

1:1 conversation helps employees and their managers meet regularly and discuss the progress of their objectives, focus on the initiatives and blockers in achieving the objectives, share feedback that helps employees keep improving continuously, and coach them to grow professionally.

Know more about 1:1 meetings

(3) Setup OKR cycle with complete performance cycle

It is important to understand the performance cycle and OKR cycle before you launch the platform for your company.

Performance cycle is a complete duration on which the performance of an individual user is calculated. It can vary from company to company. Ideally, it is for the financial year.

An OKR cycle is the period for which a company define their roadmap and reiterate on their priorities. Organizations define new objectives for each cycle to achieve their goals. Admin can manage each phase of the OKR cycle independently with phases like OKR setup, check-in progress, 1:1 Conversation, Reviews, and Calibration.

Know more about the performance & OKR cycle

(4) Know more about your team through insights

Huminos platform provides insights for the manager to view activities performed by their reporters. Get deeper insights into your team’s performance in achieving their objectives, frequent check-ins, regular 1:1 conversation, and feedbacks.

Know more about the manager insights

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