What’s New 🎉 June 2021

Jul 05, 2021
What’s New 🎉 June 2021
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(1) Easy way to manage user accounts on huminos

Huminos platform allows an easy way to manage their users into the platform. The company can use their existing identity provider such as Google G-Suite or Microsoft Azure Active Directory to sync their users into the huminos platform. You can use bulk upload of users through excel upload or invite a single user directly from the platform.

To know more about huminos user management go to the huminos documentation page.

(2) OKR visibility controls to suit your organization’s needs

OKR Visibility Controls

Huminos platform allows an organization to set OKR visibility controls. This control allows the users to view the objective of everyone in the company or restrict it to their manager, peers, and reporters. The same control is applicable for the alignment of OKRs.

OKR Category Controls

Huminos admin can configure what type of Objective they want for their organization. Huminos platform can be customized to support all three types of objectives that is organizational, team, or individual OKRs or any specific. They can also configure who should be able to add Organizational OKRs for their company.

To know more about OKR visibility controls go to the huminos documentation page.

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