What’s New 🎉 May 2022

Jun 06, 2022
What’s New 🎉 May 2022

🎉 New platform experience

We have released the new user interface for the huminos platform that is focused on easy navigation and logical placing of menus under each category of OKRs, meetings, feedback, reviews, and admin section. We have also introduced a new Home menu that helps with all the recent activities, nudges, and pulse surveys. We are going to keep on improving this experience in the future. For any feedback, feel free to reach out at feedback@huminos.com

🎯 Simplified cycle for OKR setup

Now, you can create and manage an OKR cycle easily from the admin section. The 3 steps process of creating a new cycle and managing individual configuration for each cycle is now removed and reduced to a simple date range. You can also enable/disable the performance module with each cycle that enables Feedback about managers, Behaviour feedback, and, performance reviews.

🌎 Global configurations for quick platform setup

You can manage all the configurations related to the OKR cycle in one place. Now, you don’t need to go to each cycle and manage their configuration and duplicate the changes in your upcoming cycles. The global configuration allows the admin to set up their platform at once which reflects on all the current and upcoming cycles and can be changed anytime.

🗓 Define your own OKR cycle

Our new cycle setup allows the admins to create any cycle and map the parent cycle against it. With this feasibility, you can create annual and quarterly cycles and set OKRs and it can also extend to 3 or 5-year OKRs for the planning.

About Huminos

huminos is a comprehensive performance conversations platform that helps your employees to achieve impactful outcomes, even if they are working remotely. Features like OKRs, 1:1 conversations, feedbacks, reflections, and pulse allow you to plan and measure work that really matters to your company.

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