What’s New 🎉 November 2021

Nov 29, 2021
What’s New 🎉 November 2021

(1) Revamped Performance Summary Page 🚩

We have redesigned our summary page to provide a birds eye view of all activities in Huminos. This is achieved by bringing together all OKRs, aligned work items, ad-hoc and peer feedback details in one place.

As earlier, you will be able to view the performance summary of yourself and your direct reports

(2) New Adoption Report for Admins 📈

We have created a new report for admins to understand the adoption of huminos in their organization. With this report, admins can now view the adoption metrics such as number of logins, OKRs, check-ins, scheduled 1:1 meetings, aligned work items and others for all users of the platform.


(3) In-built Admin Product Documentation 💬

Now admins can view documentation related to all configuration pages on huminos. It helps in understand ing the configuration, settings and features available for easier setup of huminos account for their organization. Click on help (?) available on each admin page to know about the details.

(4) What’s New information within huminos platform 💡

Stay updated with all the new features and improvements on huminos with “What’s New?” widget available in the header. Click on the “What’s new” icon to view all the recently released features.

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Huminos is a comprehensive performance conversations platform that helps your employees to achieve impactful outcomes, even if they are working remotely. Features like OKRs, 1:1 conversations, feedbacks, reflections, and pulse allow you to plan and measure work that really matters to your company.

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