Why HR is the first place for adoption of bots?

Aug 01, 2021
Why HR is the first place for adoption of bots?

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the Workplace

Campbell’s Soup CEO, Doug Conant

Winning in workplace

Winning in the workplace is mostly about keeping your employees engaged and aligned while increasing efficiency on the way! Managers and HRs have their goals revolving around these measures.

But, are we efficient and engaged enough? Yet?

Most of the present day enterprise solutions have a cumbersome UI and unnecessarily complex designs. They require significant efforts in Change Management — dedicated training for their use and maintenance. Most employees hence waste time and reduce efficiencies in order to cope with the inefficient software solutions.

With time, organizations have realised their needs for smarter and comprehensive engagement and collaboration platforms like Workplace, Slack, Microsoft Teams etc. Numerous success stories in terms of productivity, better communication and engagement have been attributed to these platforms.

Some of these platforms like Workplace, Slack and Microsoft Teams have gone a step further in building Better Systems of Engagement by allowing third party and custom bot integrations in addition to their own offerings!

Chatbot Dominance

Chatbots have a very wide domain of prospective dominance but HR seems the most viable and upfront target among all the available options. Bots have an all-time availability, cut down on the query and sanction time from the HR staff and are impartial in service.

Messaging is set to become a standard for even professional communications due to the sheer convenience it offers!

Emails have been around for decades and messaging apps are relatively new, but still over 45 percent of users say they would choose them over email to get in touch with a business.

This is the reason more organizations than ever are adopting chatbots to automate their internal processes.

Thousands of organizations are using Workplace , Slack and Microsoft Teams as a transforming platform to drive a culture of collaboration, open communication and employee engagement.

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