Why is Reviewing & Altering your OKRs Important?

Sep 05, 2022
Why is Reviewing & Altering your OKRs Important?

The OKRs set by many businesses and organizations fail due to neglect of reviews and updates. Companies and organizations should not limit their efforts to creating OKRs. It defines the ability of executives to determine how far their teams have come in achieving their primary goals, the issues they are currently facing, things that need to be altered right away, and a list of other things.

For this reason, this piece will take you through the importance of altering and reviewing OKRs. 

What are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a well-known framework for goal-setting that allows teams or organizations to define measurable objectives and monitor the success of their efforts in achieving them.

OKRs help ensure that a team or organization is held accountable because it makes it easy to determine whether the goals and objectives are being met and whether a change in strategy is required. Moreover, OKRs can help an individual understand the company’s priorities and outline how their particular role fits into those priorities. 

Why is reviewing and altering your OKRs Important?

Here are some reasons to consider altering and reviewing your company’s OKR-

  • It directs focus to what is essential

OKRs are focused on your organization’s goal and vision. You will not want your teams to lose focus on your image. It would be best if you had regular communication through OKR check-ins to maintain the pace toward the common goal. 

Your staff could struggle to progress toward their goals without regular OKR reviews. Reviews will enable you to spot any warning signals and potential difficulties your teams may be experiencing and address them quickly. 

Every team member has the chance to participate in goal-setting at OKR review meetings. Every person learns their specific contribution to the overall success of the business. 

The framework is made more transparent by the OKR review. Additionally, it makes it possible for frequent recognition. Employee engagement and motivation to perform better are increased by OKR review meetings, which give employees a sense of purpose. 

  • It promotes adaptability and flexibility

Your teams may need to adjust their OKRs along the road due to the constantly evolving business environment. Furthermore, implementing OKRs is not a one-size-fits-all process. What worked for others may not do the same for you. Your OKR framework must therefore be adaptable enough to adjust and develop as needed, wherever and whenever that may be. 

OKR review meetings allow you to assess what’s working and what isn’t. You can reevaluate and update your procedure for improved organizational growth and success. 

When to review and alter your OKRs? 

Routinely reviewing and revising OKRs is essential to making sure they remain valuable. To ensure that OKRs are still applicable and reachable, they must be frequently assessed. The entire team should be involved in the review process. Additionally, it is crucial to modify OKRs to reflect corporate priorities or business climate changes. It is advisable to review your OKRs every quarter.

Approaching OKR changes can be done in several ways. One is to change the targets for each goal, making them either more or less complex as necessary. Another choice is to add or subtract goals from the list of OKRs. Finally, if the original technique is no longer effective, it could be necessary to adjust how progress is measured for a specific goal. 

Tips for making the adjustment process as smooth as possible

Taking another look at your OKRs is necessary if your priorities suddenly change. Since OKRs are your preferences, they should logically develop and change together. Keep in mind that OKRs are flexible and subject to revision; they ought to reflect the development and transformation you desire for your business at the time. Get those OKRs out there and create some new ones if anything out of your control changes or if you realize what the aggressively realistic aim should be. 


When leaders continually alter or review their objectives and expected vital results, it is natural to worry. Because of this, significant change must be accompanied by frank team discussion. 

OKR reviews assist in spotting warning signs early, identifying areas for improvement, and keeping teams focused on the framework. It aids in adapting staff to the new goal-setting paradigm and eventually incorporating new or revised goals into their working lives.

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