Conversations, Feedbacks & Recognitions

Modern organisations expect managers to coach their team and managers do not (and cannot) have all the right answers. Feedback is fundamental to a company’s culture. 60% of the employees feel something is holding them back. Imagine these employees making decisions in the absence of continuous feedback.

Schedule 1:1 meetings

huminos allows you to schedule adhoc and or recurring 1:1 meetings with team members, peers or anyone in the organisation. Structure the agenda for your 1:1 meetings with a wide variety of templates . Capture shared and private notes for the 1:1 meetings for future reference and drive deeper engagement with post meeting feedback.

Share feedback instantly

Request feedback from peers, manager or any other colleagues with whom you have collaborated. Feedback can be shared instantly right within your day to day tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Anonymously share the feedback about your manager to the skip-level. Nominate list of peers whom you have collaborated with in achieving your OKRs and seek feedback from them.


Recognise achievements in the flow of work with Thanks platform powered by O.C. Tanner

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