Save time with meeting agenda templates

Huminos OKR Software provides several built in templates for meeting agenda to help your people save time.

We at Huminos understand that meetings are a significant part of your people’s work life and they spend time on drafting meetings agenda, capturing notes and summary, allocating tasks discussed in such meetings etc.


Basic 1:1

Basic template for 1:1 meetings


Setting OKRs

Collaborate and engage with team members in setting OKRs


Aligning OKRs

Align team members' OKRs with team or company level OKRs


First 1:1

Use this template for your first 1:1 meeting with newly joined team members


Regular 1:1

Use this template for regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly 1:1s. Build personal rapport, recognise initiatives and identify blockers.


Know Your Team 1:1

Good managers have an excellent personal rapport with the team members. Use this template to know your team better.


Well-Being 1:1

Good managers are genuinely interested in the overall well-being of their team members. Use this template to discuss about well-being of a team member.


Remote 1:1

Engage with remote working teams using this template.


Peer 1:1

1:1 meetings with peers help in building cross-functional team alignment and improving communication and collaboration.


Skip-level 1:1

Skip level meetings not only help in narrowing the power distance between leaders, managers and team members but also in identifying unconscious biases that creep in during performance evaluation.


Feedback 1:1

Use this template to gather feedback from team members on What's working well and what can be done better.


Calibration 1:1

Schedule 1:1 meeting with your manager for discussing your team's performance.


Performance Conversation 1:1

Use this template at the end of OKR cycle to discuss performance with team members.


Career Conversations 1:1

Use this template to at the end of the OKR cycle to reflect upon future experiences for your team members


Developmental Feedback 1:1

Use this template to discuss and share developmental feedback with your team members.


Performance Improvement Plan 1:1

Use this template to discuss performance issues with your team members.


Exit 1:1

Use this template to understand the drivers behind attrition within the team

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