Career Conversations 1:1

Use this template to at the end of the OKR cycle to reflect upon future experiences for your team members
What motivates you?
What is your dream role?
If money or skills is not a constraint, what do you truly aspire for?
Where do see yourself in next 5, 10 years?
What do you want when you walk out the door that you don’t have now?
What do you enjoy the most about your current role?
What do you dislike the most about your current role?
Is the current role not challenging for you?
What appreciate and developmental feedback you have received from the colleagues?
What can you do right now in terms of acquiring new skills that will help you achieve your goals?
What future experiences that you aspire for in order to achieve your goals?
Do you feel there a need for mentoring?
What will you do?
When will you do?
Do you have the necessary skills to achieve these action items?
What resources you need to achieve these action items?
As a manager, what I can do to help you?

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