Performance Improvement Plan 1:1

Use this template to discuss performance issues with your team members.
Kick starting the PIP
Let's discuss the performance issues over current and previous OKR cycle.
In your view, what went wrong with your performance.
Let's look at the developmental feedback shared by me, your team members and peers. Do you agree with the feedback?
Let's review the PIP. How do you feel about the plan?
Setting Expectations
Do you clearly understand What's expected from you during the PIP process?
Do you think these expectations are reasonable?
Do you have all the resources for meeting these expectations?
As your manager, Is there anything I can help you with? Do you need any other help?
Let's agree to the action items till the next 1:1.
Let's agree as to when we can evaluate the progress against the plan.
PIP Progress Update
What is the improvement since your last progress update?
What are the initiatives and blockers to your progress?
Do we need to add, delete or modify the PIP?
Let's agree to a date for the next progress update.
Reflecting on PIP
What are your major learnings?
Describe major achievements during the PIP process.
Describe major setbacks during the PIP process.
Do you feel there was enough support from your team members?
Do you feel there was enough support from your manager?
Did you receive any feedback? Was it timely? Was it helpful?
Did you have enough time to achieve the progress?
What do you think are the next steps?
Do you have any questions/thoughts to share?

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