Regular 1:1

Use this template for regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly 1:1s. Build personal rapport, recognise initiatives and identify blockers.
How have you been recently? What did you do this weekend?
What future experience you are looking forward to?
What is your most impactful memory in recent weeks?
Have you been appreciated by anyone recently?
Teamwork and Collaboration
How are your interactions with other team members?
What are your top priorities this week?
Is there anything holding you back currently? Are there any decisions that are waiting for my inputs?
What's going well for you? What are your recent achievements?
As a team, can we improve further? If yes, how can we do better?
Future Experiences
Do you feel you are challenged enough in your current role?
What future experience are you looking for? Why do need such an experience?
What skills do you need to acquire for the future experience?
What do you think about our 1:1s?
How can we make these 1:1 more meaningful for you?
Any feedback or thoughts you'd like to share?

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