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Manager, Customer Success

The Manager, Customer Success is responsible for managing a team of customer success specialists who are charged with ensuring that our customers are successful in achieving their goals. The Manager, Customer Success is also responsible for developing and executing strategies to improve customer suc... View More


track_changesImprove Customer Success team efficiency

tagSave 2 FTE Customer Support hires by handling 30% more ticket volume from the current team
tagImplement customer support chatbot solution and reduce tickets by 25%
tagImplement SLAs for large, medium and small clients
tagUpdate 100% help documentation for small clients
tagWork with product and engineering team to fix 10 repeat issues and reduce tickets by 30%

track_changesMake value experience faster

tagReduce onboarding cycle time from 7 to 3 days
tagReduce data processing time from 5 to 1 days by automation
tagIncrease feature adoption in first month by 20%
tagLaunch email campaign to 100 new customers on 5 features adoption with feature benefits along with customer testimonials

track_changesIncrease Net Promoter Score by 50%

tagIdentify and document 20 product improvements by speaking to 50 clients
tagGet 25 testimonials from clients who are advocates
tagInterview 80% of customers who churned and document reasons for churn

track_changesImpact revenue metrics

tagMaintain a minimum 95% customer retention quarter-on-quarter
tagAdd net new ARR of $250K through 10 up-sells
tagMaintain a minimum Net Promoter Score of X
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