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Backend Engineer

A Backend Engineer is responsible for the server-side of a web application. They must be able to design and build robust, scalable systems that can handle a large number of users. They must also be able to integrate with front-end technologies and third-party services. In addition, backend engineers... View More


track_changesKeep the backend robust

tagConduct session about the latest version of the programming language
tagContainerize 100% of the API libraries
tagReduce the Technical Debt on the Library A by 50%
tagCreate library for common utility functions across various micro-services with 80% code coverage

track_changesImplement monitoring tools

tagImplement Server Performance Monitoring tool (e.g. DataDog)
tagImplement Log monitoring tool
tagImplement APM tool such as Sentry, setup performance thresholds and alerts
tagImplement SIEM and provide access to monitor and setup alerts mechanism

track_changesImplement Antivirus & Sandboxing solution

tagIdentify all types of file uploads (e.g. jpg, png, pdf, .xlsx etc) in the application
tagRedirect the file uploads to a sandbox server
tagImplement AV on sandbox server
tagRun AV on sandbox and reject files with vulnerabilities
tagImplement a process to inform users about rejected files
tagAllow processing for only those files that clear AV test
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