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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, is responsible for the technical direction of an organization. They develop and oversee technology strategy, and ensure that the company's products and services are technologically up-to-date. The CTO is also responsible for research and development, and for att... View More


track_changesExecute superior sprint planning

tagSprint velocity is more than 80%
tagEstimations and time spend should not vary by more than 25%
tagReduce backlog by 10%

track_changesRetain 100% of experienced technical leaders

tagConvince leadership for maintaining C&B above industry standards to attract & retain world class talent
tagCoordinate with HR for benchmarking C&B with industry standards
tagSetup ESOPs to experienced technical leaders

track_changesBuild 10x culture

tagEnsure documentation is up to date
tagEnsure diligent peer review process of code
tagEnsure edge cases are thought through and documented
tagEnsure team is spending sufficient time researching solutions or root causes before starting coding on project/bug
tagEnsure team member rotation across products

track_changesEnsure the engineering teams are sufficiently staffed

tagProvide the resource and infrastructure budget
tagHave at least 90% of the positions recruited by {date}
tagReview and streamline the process of recruitment
tagAlign the resource requirements with engineering teams
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