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Director, Engineering

The Director of Engineering is responsible for leading and managing a team of engineers. They must oversee the development and implementation of engineering projects, as well as the day-to-day operations of the engineering department. They must ensure that projects are completed on time, within budg... View More


track_changesOptimize code quality to ensure highest standards

tagEnsure developer documentation is updated for 100% of API changes
tagReduce the technical debt by 30%
tagNew code has 3 bugs or less
tagEnsure more than 90% code coverage for all new commits

track_changesBuild 10x culture

tagGenerate atleast 5 new product ideas every month from engineering team and share with product teams
tagEnsure Sprint Cadence is more than 80%
tagSetup a {weekly} release cycle
tagEnsure DevOps process & stack is smoothly running
tagEnsure code coverage of more than 80% for all code
tagEnsure RCA, test cases documentation, edge cases anticipation is done before starting coding by the team

track_changesRetain 95% of high performers

tagConvince leadership for maintaining C&B above industry standards to attract & retain world class talent
tagCoordinate with HR for benchmarking C&B with industry standards
tagImplement R&R tool for engineering team by {date}

track_changesEnsure high level of engagement with engineering team

tagHold {fortnightly} skip-level 1:1 meetings with team members
tagLaunch {quarterly} team offsite event
tagCreate recognition culture by constituing Star performers of month and timely appreications by individual members
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