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Manager, Engineering

The objectives of an Engineering Manager typically include overseeing the design and implementation of engineering projects, as well as supervising and mentoring a team of engineers. To be successful in this role, it is essential to have strong leadership and communication skills, as well as a deep... View More


track_changesBuild a great engineering team

tagBuild an robust pipeline of 100 resumes
tagCreate a backup mapping for all critical resources and recruit for identified gaps
tagBuild a set of 100 unique tech problems for interviews
tagRecruit 2 SDE with excellent technical skills
tagRecruit 1 SDE-2 from tech startups

track_changesCoach engineering team

tagSetup weekly 1:1 cadence with the engineering team
tagGive 5 appreciative feedbacks in a week
tagGive 5 developmental feedbacks in a week
tagConduct monthly coaching sessions with high performers

track_changesBuild 10x culture

tagEnsure RCA, test cases documentation, edge cases anticipation is done before starting coding by the team
tagEnsure coverage of 80% for all new commits
tagEnsure the CI/CD is working correctly
tagSetup a {weekly} release cycle
tagSetup performance and usage metrices for the applications

track_changesEnsure robust backlog

tagEnsure a balanced backlog for team members
tagCoordinate with product managers to prioritize upcoming projects
tagClean up backlog for old projects
tagEnsure a {60:20:20} mix in the backlog for Client needs, own innovations and bugs/engineering improvements/technical debt.
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