The SDE-2 is responsible for the development and maintenance of software used by the company. They work closely with the SDE-1s to ensure that all code meets the highest standards and is properly optimized. They also collaborate with other teams, such as QA, to ensure that software is released on ti... View More


track_changes10x productivity

tagComplete 8 medium features in 1 Sprint with 100% code quality
tagShip 1 large feature into production
tagReduce Backlog by 10%

track_changesImprove Code Quality

tagEnsure more than 90% code coverage for all new commits in the Sprint
tagEnsure logging guidelines are followed
tagLess than 3 bugs in the changes which are code reviewed by you
tagReduce the technical debt by 30% in quarter
tagEnsure developer documentation is updated for 100% of API changes

track_changesImprove Sprint planning

tagReview and prioritize backlog with Product team
tag100% of users stories should have detailed requirement and story points
tagEffort estimation and actual time spend should vary by more than 25%
tagEnsure Sprint velocity is more than 80%
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