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Financial Controller

The role of a Financial Controller is to manage the financial affairs of an organization. This includes preparing financial statements, managing budgets, and overseeing accounting and financial reporting. Financial controllers also develop and implement financial policies and procedures, and provide... View More


track_changesMake quarterly business and financial planning more effective

tagAchieve 80% satisfaction rate of the new budget approval process
tagReduce the budget approval process from 46 days to 20 days
tagAchieve a budget variance of less than 5%

track_changesimprove accuracy and speed of reporting financials

tagReduce provisioning entries by 40%
tagImplement Accounting Software
tagAutomate payables dashboard
tagAutomate receivables dashboard
tagAutomate payroll processing
tagAutomate expense claims processing
tagClose books of accounts within 5 days

track_changesImprove working capital position of the company

tagImplement Net 60 policy with all vendors
tagReduce DSO from 37 to 30 days
tagImprove working capital ratio from 0.7 to 1
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