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Manager, Finance

A Finance Manager is responsible for a wide range of tasks, from preparing financial statements and conducting risk management analysis to overseeing investments and providing advice on financial planning. They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies to grow r... View More


track_changesReporting financials are executed with speed and accuracy

tagPayment processing time reduced from 22 hours to 18 hours
tagReduce error resolution time from 48 hours to 36 hours
tagReduce payroll errors to vendors and consultants by 30%
tagReduce time to close books by 50%

track_changesClose books of accounts within 5 days

tagReview draft financials with Controller and CFO on 4th of the next month
tagPrepare draft financials on 3rd of the next month
tagPublish provisional Trial Balance on 1st of the next month
tagClose GL entries by end of the month
tagAccount for provisions by end of the month
tagAccount for depreciation on fixed assets by end of the month
tagFreeze employee expense claims submission by 25th of the month
tagAccount all expenses from vendors by end of the month
tagFreeze vendor payments by 25th of the month
tagFreeze expense claims processing on 25th of the month
tagProcess payroll on last Friday of the month
tagFreeze client billing by 25th of the month
tagPublish flowchart of monthly activity and identify dependencies

track_changesImprove working capital ratio from 0.7 to 1

tagNegotiate Net 30 Days credit period in all customer contracts
tagNegotiate Net 60 days payment terms with top 10 vendors
tagPublish weekly working dashboard
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