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Receivables Specialist

The role of a Receivables Specialist is to ensure that a company's incoming payments are processed and recorded in a time manner. They work closely with customers, vendors, and other stakeholders to reconcile invoices and ensure that all payments are received in a timely manner. In addition, the rec... View More


track_changesReduce DSO from 37 to 30 days

tagImplement Net 30 Days credit period in all customer contracts
tagCreate a daily receivables dashboard
tagIdentify top 10 clients accounting for 90% of the delayed collections
tagDaily follow-up of 100% delayed collection clients

track_changesReduce doubtful debts provision from $100000 to $50000

tagCreate daily receivable dashboard
tagIdentify outstanding's of more than 180 days
tagSend 5 emails following up clients with more than 180 days outstanding
tagSend 2 reminders for stoppage of services if payments are not received within 7 working days
tagConsult legal team on sending notices for default payments
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