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HR Business Partner

The HR business partner's role is to manage help empower line mangers in business or other support functions so that teams are radically ficussed in delivering business outcomes. They develop and track OKRs for the HR team and help to ensure that the department is meeting its goals. The HR business... View More


track_changesEnhance employee onboarding experience

tagPublish onboarding playbook
tagConduct 30-60-90 day survey of new joiners on their onboarding experience
tagCommunicate company policies to new joiners within 5 days of joining
tagCollate all company policies at one place on Intranet
tagUpdate employee and nominee details in HRIS within 24 hours of joining
tagSet up meeting with line manager and team on the date of joining
tagSet up desk, email and access to tools 5 days before date of joining
tagArrange company branded welcome kit on the date of joining

track_changesLaunch Remote Working

tagConduct monthly pulse survey for remote workers
tagObtain approval for $1000 as onetime remote working allowance
tagCommunicate to line managers on importance of well being during remote working
tagPublish remote working time and attendance guidelines
tagPublish remote working security policy
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