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Every company is different, and so are the OKRs that HR managers set. However, some commonalities can be seen across OKRs in different companies. For example, many HR managers set goals around recruiting and retaining top talent. They may also set goals around employee satisfaction and engagement. A... View More


track_changesExecute an employee onboarding experience that is second to none

tagAchieve 90% satisfaction rate of the onboarding process
tagReduce time to update employee details in HRIS from 72 hours to 24 hours
tagReduce time to access email and tools from 5 days to 3 days

track_changesEnhance Career Growth Opportunities

tagLaunch internal job portal
tagLaunch coaching and mentoring program for 100% people managers
tagLaunch LMS tool with learning modules and assessments
tagIdentify skill gaps and create learning modules to bridge skill gaps
tagLaunch skill mapping for 100% employees

track_changesReduce employee attrition from 15% to 12%

tagCompute cost of employee attrition
tagImplement instant recognition program
tagMake exit interviews mandatory by linking them to Full and Final settlement process
tagBenchmark compensation and key benefits against competition to identify gaps
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