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OKRs can also be used for personal development. By setting clear objectives and quantifiable key results, individuals can track their progress and ensure that they are making the most of their time. What's more, by sharing their OKRs with others, individuals can receive feedback and accountability t... View More


track_changesBuild strategic thinking

tagGet a senior member as a mentor
tagRead 2 books on competitive strategy
tagUnderstand micro-economics, firm level competition theories , game theory (Cournot, Stackelberg, Bertrand, Nash Equilibrium)
tagPrepare a document on our company's strategy vis-à-vis competition
tagUnderstand various types of macro and micro level risks (competition, technology political, industry segment etc)
tagPrepare a note on risks faced by our company
tagGet the understanding of completion and risk reviewed by the mentor

track_changesImprove leadership skills

tagGet a senior member as a mentor
tagRead 2 books on leadership
tagDocument 5 situations where the mentor demonstrated leadership skills
tagGet the document reviewed by the mentor
tagImplement 2 leadership skills observed as applicable to your team

track_changesImprove productivity when working remotely

tagGet a desk and chair that are ergonomic
tagGet a notice cancelling headphone
tagGet a computer/laptop with good microphone and webcam
tagGet a high-speed internet connection
tagDress-up as if you are going to office
tagStick to regular 8 hours of office timing
tagTake frequent 10 minutes breaks every hour
tagLimit the lunch break to 30 mins
tagDo not take calls after working hours
tagFix sleep and wakeup time and stick to the timing

track_changesManage time effectively

tagFix 1 day in a week to play the week ahead
tagFix a time in the day to plan the day ahead
tagBreak down large tasks into small tasks
tagTake frequent 10 minutes breaks after each small task
tagTake a longer 30 minute break after 4 small tasks

track_changesLearn to be effective communicator

tagRead 2 books on effective communication
tagComplete advanced PowerPoint course
tagGive 2 presentations to manager
tagAsk for what went well and what can be better feedback from manager

track_changesImprove persuasion skills

tagRead 2 books on effective persuasion
tagPersuade your manager to give approval for 2 new initiatives
tagPersuade your team to implement 2 new initiatives

track_changesImprove negotiation skills

tagReach out to sales team in our company
tagParticipate in 3 commercial negotiation discussions
tagDocument learnings from these meetings
tagLearn how value is being perceived by our customers

track_changesBe more resilient

tagRetrospect 10 minutes once a week to reflect on what's holding you back
tagHave 1:1 conversations with a coach
tagPractice mindfulness 5 minutes every day

track_changesImprove mindfulness

tagGo for a walk with purpose and awareness i.e. being aware of each step
tagSit in a quiet place and focus on your breath by observing the peaks and troughs of your abdomen
tagEnjoy and embrace silence
tagStop mulit-tasking and focus on 1 thing at a time
tagObserve what you are eating and how much and stop when you feel your stomach is full

track_changesImprove feedback skills

tagAsk for feedback from colleagues or manager on what went well and what could be done better
tagGive feedback to 2 colleagues
tagUnlearn feedback anti-patterns. Watch videos in OKR Coach

track_changesImprove Un-biasedness

tagLearn various types of bias
tagCall out 2 biases in team meetings
tagAsk manager about your display of unconscious biases in team meetings
tagLearn how to overcome unconscious biases. Watch videos in OKR Coach

track_changesImprove networking skills

tagMake a list of 5 people you wish to connect with
tagWrite a personalised note on what you wish to learn from them and why they should connect with you
tagMeet these 5 people for a coffee, lunch or dinner

track_changesImprove coaching skills

tagIdentify 5 coaching topics for your team
tagUnderstand various coaching styles. Watch videos in OKR Coach
tagUse weekly 1:1 meetings to coach your team members

track_changesImprove learning skills

tagRead 3 books on completely new topics
tagNetwork with 3 people with skills you want to learn
tagComplete 1 course on the skill you wish to learn

track_changesImprove engagement with remote working team

tagUse weekly 1:1 meetings to enquire about team members' personal well being
tagDo a remote team event on every last Friday of the month
tagLearn 1 personal hobby of each team member

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