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Director of Product

The Director of Product is responsible for the goals and objectives of the product team. They work with the product owner to ensure that the product roadmap is followed and that the product meets the needs of the customer. They also work with developers to ensure that the product is developed accord... View More


track_changesPerfect the product release process

tagImprove Net Promoter Score from 8.0 t0 9.5
tagReduce flow churn from 35% to 10%
tagReduce bugs found after release by 30%

track_changesBuild customer connect

tagBook 25 clients for bet testing 2 upcoming feature releases
tagGet product feedback from customers and identify 10 implementable changes and share with the engineering team
tagReview weekly customer success dashboard and fix top 10 issues accounting for 80% of the customer tickets
tagWork with customer success team on pipeline customers and document 10 real-time feedbacks
tagInterview 5 customers
tagOnboard 4 clients

track_changesIncrease customer referrals

tagSecure 4 referrals
tagComplete review calls with 100% positive feedback customers
tagEmail 10 customers with positive feedback for review call
tagEmail 15 customers aged 6 months are more for feedback on their product experience

track_changesImpact revenue metrics

tagIncrease multiyear contracts by 25%
tagMaintain a minimum Net Promoter Score of X
tagMaintain a minimum 95% customer retention quarter-on-quarter
tagReduce churn by 10%
tagIncrease customer referrals by 25%

track_changesIncrease engagement metrics

tagIncrease Daily Active Users by 10%
tagIntroduce 5 gamification techniques to reward and recognize top users
tagIncrease mobile app downloads by 25%
tagIncrease time spent by users by 25%

track_changesIncrease trial to win conversion

tagFix 100% of the gaps identified
tagIdentify 10 product gaps that are causing drop outs
tagStudy 100% dropouts from trial
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