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A Product Manager is responsible for the development and execution of the strategic vision for a product. They work with cross-functional teams to ensure that the product meets the needs of both the customer and the business. The goals of a product manager vary depending on the company and the produ... View More


track_changesElevate the user onboarding experience to increase engagement and satisfaction

tagImprove Capterra rating from 4.0 to 4.3
tagIncrease time in product from 15 to 25 minutes per week
tagIncrease trail conversion from 27% to 35%
tagReduce trial abandonment from 45% to 30%

track_changesDeliver new product features at lightning speed

tagReduce average lead time from product feature definition to delivery by 7 weeks
tagReduce bugs-per-feature metric from 1.4 to .8
tagIncrease the sprint team velocity from 27 to 35 points

track_changesImprove customer feedback process

tagWork with marketing team and launch a campaign "You asked and fixed" for repeat customer issues.
tagLet customers upvote upcoming feature releases
tagPublish upcoming feature release pipeline
tagCreate a feedback community page

track_changesImpact revenue metrics

tagGet 50 customer reviews on app store
tagGet 5 customers to write reviews on Capterra
tagIncrease Net Promoter Score by 50%
tagReduce churn due to product gaps by 10%

track_changesEnsure timely product update release communication

tagIncrease new feature adoption in first month by 20%
tagLaunch email campaign for product updates 3 days prior to release
tagProactively create product update release documentation for 100% releases

track_changesEliminate redundancies in onboarding

tagIdentify redundant onboarding steps and 100% eliminate or simplify
tagDocument the onboarding success metrics used by clients for conversion
tagStudy 10 clients who trailed and converted

track_changesBuild customer connect

tagBook 25 clients for bet testing 2 upcoming feature releases
tagGet product feedback from customers and identify 10 implementable changes and share with the engineering team
tagReview weekly customer success dashboard and fix top 10 issues accounting for 80% of the customer tickets
tagWork with customer success team on pipeline customers and document 10 real-time feedbacks
tagInterview 5 customers
tagOnboard 4 clients

track_changesReview and re-evaluate product-market fit

tagWork with marketing team to fix the positioning gaps
tagIdentify gaps in perceived key benefits of product vis-à-vis communicated by sales & product teams
tagSpeak to 50 customers to validate positioning
tagReview current product positioning
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