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Content Marketing Specialist

A Content Marketing Specialist is responsible for planning, creating, and sharing content that promotes a company or brand. The goal of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by providing valuable and relevant information. A Content Marketing Specialist typically works with a team of w... View More


track_changesIncrease inbound leads

tagIncrease keywords from 10 to 15
tagAdd 50 do-follow backlinks
tagUpdate 100% content that is more than 9 months old
tagImprove keyword ranking by 50%
tagImprove content length on 10 pages by 25%
tagAdd 300 net new inbound leads

track_changesDrive SEO through quality content

tagPublish 5 posts in popular industry forums
tagUpdate 10 quotes from industry experts, top clients
tagGet product, engineering teams to write 5 technical blogs
tagEnsure 100% images have alt text
tagConduct and publish 3 webinars with industry leaders, clients and prospects
tagSecure backlinks from industry forums for 10 blog posts
tagImprove website crawlability by 50% by removing broken links, updating key words, unwarranted code

track_changesIncrease newsletter subscriber list

tagAdd net new 2000 subscribers
tagIncrease newsletter click-through rate by 25%
tagIncrease inbound traffic by 25% through newsletter

track_changesIncrease product visibility

tagList product on Capterra and 4 other such sites like GetApp, G2 Crowd
tagAnnounce and backlink on ProductHunt
tag1 PR article on TechCrunch

track_changesScale content marketing through partnerships

tagAdd 3 new partners that can amplify our content reach
tagPublish 1 co-marketing campaign with each partner

track_changesCreate thriving customer community

tagSend invites to all customers
tagSend drip campaign to engage accepted customers
tagCo-publish 3 case studies with customers

track_changesIncrease free trails

tagIdentify 1000 TOFU leads
tagLaunch email drip campaign to 1000 TOFU leads
tagAdd net new 100 free trials
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