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Director, Marketing

The Director of Marketing is responsible for developing and executing the overall marketing strategy for the company to achieve the company-wide OKR. They work closely with the CEO and other senior leaders to understand the ultimate long-term goal the company wants to achieve. Their role includes ma... View More


track_changesincrease inbound lead conversion

tagIdentify historic pattern leads converted and pages visited
tagIncrease traffic by 25% to the pages result in most conversions
tagReduce bounce rate by 25% through interesting content on home page

track_changesIncrease trial to win conversion

tagDevelop tracking mechanism and set of metrics or how engaged the client is during the trial together with product team
tagBuild 3 testimonials from existing customer on how these features have benefited them
tagLaunch specific email drip campaign targeting highly engaged trailing prospects
tagAdd 5 net new wins

track_changesIncrease social media presence

tagAdd quarterly AMA by C-Suite on Reddit
tagEnsure 100% sharing of content on LinkedIn
tagEnsure 1 tweet a day from C-Suite
tagAdd 1000 new LinkedIn Company page followers
tagAdd 10000 new Twitter followers

track_changesAdd 100 trials through LinkedIn Ads

tagSecure LinkedIn Ad budget of $X
tagFilter the target audience by target geography, job tile, company size etc
tagLaunch high quality LinkedIn Ad campaign with compelling CTA
tagAdd 100 trials
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