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Manager, Marketing

As a Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns that align with the company's overall business objectives. To do this effectively, you will need to have a strong understanding of the company's OKRs and how your campaigns can contribute to achieving th... View More


track_changesCreate a newsletter that customers want to subscribe to

tagIncrease the open rate of the newsletter from 25% to 35%
tagIncrease newsletter subscriptions from 1000 to 2000

track_changesLaunch webinar series

tagAdd 10 net new SQLs
tagInvite all existing customers and 100% prospects
tagSet monthly webinar series
tagReach out to 12 high quality speakers relevant to our industry

track_changesImplement predictable inbound lead generation engine

tagBuild case studies and use cases for each buyer persona
tagLaunch buyer persona specific email drip campaigns
tagPublish 15 high quality content around key words

track_changesFinalize product positioning

tagGet signoff from Product Head, CTO, CEO on the positioning
tagWrite down in few words what is the biggest benefit that our target market derives from our product
tagWrite down in few words what is the one thing that sets us apart from competing alternatives
tagWrite down in few words what are the competing alternatives
tagWrite in few words which market category we are in
tagWrite down in few words what is our target segment in the short term
tagWrite down in few words what is the product is about

track_changesImprove product visibility

tagGet CEO to speak in industry forum
tagGet engineering team to post sample repositories on GitHub
tagGet engineering team to respond to questions on Stack Overflow
tagGet engineering teams to write 5 technical blogs
tagGet product team to write 5 UX related blogs
tagList on Capterra and 4 other such sites like GetApp, G2 Crowd
tagList on ProductHunt
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