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Vice President, Marketing

The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for developing and executing the company's marketing strategy. They work closely with the sales team to identify potential customers and develop marketing plans that will attract them to the company's products or services. The Vice President of Marketin... View More


track_changesBuild great marketing team

tagRecruit 1 experienced Director, Marketing
tagRecruit 2 high quality content marketing specialists
tagRecruit 1 exceptional web developer for managing website
tagRecruit 1 experienced SEO specialist
tagCoach 2 high performers to future leadership roles

track_changesCreate 3 co-marketing opportunities

tagResearch and identify brands that share similar audience with our product
tagLaunch 4 webinars co-branded with 4 different brands
tagBe a speaker in 1 or more webinars articulating product positioning

track_changesImprove messaging and positioning

tagSpeak to top 20 customers to understand their perception about messaging and positioning
tagSpeak to 10 lost customers to understand the gaps
tagIdentify 5 gaps with current positioning and messaging
tagFix 100% of the gaps identified
tagEnsure marketing team is 100% aligned with updated messaging and positioning
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