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Account Executive

A Sales Account Executive is responsible for a wide range of tasks, from prospecting and generating new leads to maintaining relationships with existing clients. They are often the first point of contact between a company and its potential customers, so it is important that they have excellent commu... View More


track_changesAchieve record breaking revenues and profitability

tagIncrease lead conversion to sales from 20% to 40%
tagIncrease gross profit margin from 23% to 35%
tagHit quarterly revenue of $150K

track_changesAchieve active pipeline value of $250K

tagConvert $250K SALs to SCLs
tagConvert $400K SQLs to SALs
tagAdd $500K deal size to SQLs

track_changesIncrease win rate by 10% or more

tagIncrease proposals to wins by 40%
tagIncrease demos to proposals by 50%
tagIncrease demos by 25%

track_changesAdd net new deals of size $25000 ore more

tagWin 10 SMB deals
tagWin 5 mid-market deals
tagWin 2 enterprise deals

track_changesIncrease customer referrals

tagSecure 4 referrals
tagComplete review calls with 100% positive feedback customers
tagEmail 10 customers with positive feedback for review call
tagEmail 15 customers aged 6 months are more for feedback on their product experience
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