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Vice President, Sales

The Vice President, of Sales, is responsible for directing and managing an organization's sales team. The VP of Sales sets quotas manages sales operations and develops sales strategies. They also work closely with other departments to ensure that the sales team has the resources it needs to be succe... View More


track_changesElevate the sales cycle to improve customer experience

tagReduce proposal phase from 20 days to 17 days
tagCustomer proposals sent within 24 hours
tagReduce demo phase from 20 days to 17 days

track_changesAdd net new ARR of $5million

tagWin 200 new customers
tagIncrease win-rate to 10%
tagReduce sales cycle time to 2 months or less
tagAdd $20M in new pipeline revenue

track_changesOverhaul current sales process

tagImplement 5 improvements to 100% remove the bottlenecks
tagMap current sales cycle length and understand bottlenecks
tagCreate sales enablement kit along with the marketing team
tagLaunch sales enablement tool like

track_changesRamp up sales team in this quarter

tagRecruit 1 Director, Sales
tagRecruit 2 Account Managers
tagRecruit 6 Account Executives
tagRecruit 2 SDR Managers
tagRecruit 10 SDRs
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