OKR Integration for Microsoft Teams

With huminos platform you can manage OKRs within Microsoft Teams for day-to-day work and check-in progress
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Experience the power of nudges or contextual reminders that elicit desired actions timely and enable a powerful culture of continuous performance tracking and conversations.

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Configure quarterly, half-yearly or annual OKR cycle. Setup company, team and individual OKRs and align them.

OKR Coach

Learn 100+ 1-minute e-learning videos in the flow of your work and take quizzes about OKRs, 1:1 meetings, Check-Ins, Feedback and more.


Post a progress update against one or more objectives including
% completion, OKR status, initiatives and blockers.

1:1 Conversations

Frequent conversations with team members are crucial to driving productivity especially when working remotely.


Giving or receiving feedback is a gift and a robust feedback culture free of biases is an integral part of a thriving performance culture.


Pulse allows you a real time insight into the organisation’s culture by providing feedback from employees across eight strategically chosen dimensions related to employee engagement and organisational commitment.

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