Microsoft Outlook + Huminos Integration for KPI and OKR Tracking

Huminos directly connects with Microsoft Outlook to update KPIs automatically, saving time in manual OKR tracking.

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How it works


Activate Microsoft Outlook Integration

Admin on the Huminos platform can create a connection between Huminos and Microsoft Outlook.
Documentation on how to activate Microsoft Outlook integration on Huminos

Connect datasource to Key Result

Once the integration has been activated, you can select Microsoft Outlook from the list of datasources when adding a Key Result. Here is how a huminos integration with Microsoft Outlook helps with KPI and OKR tracking:
  1. Link an email file that you are working on to any OKR
  2. Check in progress against a Key Result from right within Microsoft Outlook

Automatic OKR Tracking

Once datasource is connected and the key metric is linked, your KPIs and OKRs are automatically updated in real time.
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
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