Questions for remote employees

Covid-19 pandemic forced managers to confront a "new normal", remotely working employees.

Remote working poses certain challenges to the employees like a) acquiring new digital skills b) finding work-life balance c) juggling kids online schooling etc.

Managers need to restructure their questions to reflect the new realities. Some of the questions that can help the managers are:

  1. Do you have a working desk at home?
  2. Is the internet connectivity speed sufficient for all family members to use?
  3. How are the kids coping with the new normal?
  4. Are you able to "switch-off" from the work?
  5. How can I help allocate tasks to better manage your time?
  6. Do you think the project timelines need readjustment?
  7. Are you getting some physical activity to stay fit?
  8. What information around remote work policies that I can help you with?
  9. Do you need any help with training on the new collaboration tool?
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