Career questions from a good manager to own manager

Good Managers who are busy managing their teams often forget to ask right career questions to their own managers.

3 key career questions that managers can find useful are:

  1. Am I straying?

    It is important for a manager to frequently check if they are on the right track. 1:1 meetings with their own manager are an excellent opportunity to ask this question.

  2. What are my growth areas?

    Good managers who are busy managing their teams often ignore or sideline their own growth areas. It is beneficial asking a question "what growth areas do you see for me?" with their own manager during the 1:1 meeting.

  3. What new skills that I should acquire?

    With ever changing business environment, keeping abreast with new skill sets poses a huge demand on the time of good managers.

    It is therefore imperative that good managers should constantly check what new skills they need to acquire, to keep their own performance consistent.

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