Do managers need to share feedback on check-ins?

Check-ins are employee-to-manager updates that provide early warnings to the manager so that unpleasant surprises are avoided.

Author, Daniel Pink, in his famous book "Drive", writes "The single greatest motivator is 'making progress in one's work'. The days the people make progress are the days they feel most motivated and engaged.

Research suggests that making measured headway can be more incentivising than public recognition, monetary inducements, or even achieving the goal itself.

Managers should share feedback on the check-ins in addition to the regular 1:1 meetings.

Feedback on check-ins help crystalise manager's views on the progress towards goals and the performance of an employee. Such feedback on check-ins also provides early course correction opportunity for the employee.

Feedback for regular check-ins provide an excellent opportunity for the managers to share their views and avoid surprises during the end-of-performance-cycle review.

Managers can share both appreciative and developmental feedback and monitor for visible improvements from the employee for the next check-in update.

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