Disengaged Team members

Every manager faces the dilemma of identifying, coaching and finally a worst case scenario of letting go an underperforming team member. This process is often comes with pain and stress.

If the managers can spot the early signals, they can make the process of dealing with an underperforming employee less stressful.

The signals of underperformance can be both leading and lagging. The lagging indicators are typically the focus where tasks or projects assigned to the team members suffer with execution delays, poor quality, rework etc.

However, active disengagement is one of the most important leading indicators of underperformance: Some of the leading indicators of active disengagement are:

  1. No developmental feedback - Team member shares no feedback or shares only positive feedback
  2. No participation in pulse surveys - Team member does not participate in company wide employee engagement survey often called the pulse survey.
  3. Low or no participation in learning programs - Team member rarely completes learning programs.
  4. It's fine - Team member often answers "It's fine" to a questions like "how is it going?" or "how have you been?" during the 1:1 meetings
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