Crafting OKRs

Paul Liven and Ben Lemorte, in their book on Objectives and Key Results, have given a nice acronym CRAFT (Create, Refine, Align, Finalize and Transmit) for the actual process of drafting the OKRs.

  1. Create - Draft 1 to 2 Aspirational OKRs and 2 to 3 Committed OKRs
  2. Refine - Share the draft OKRs with entire, discuss KRs and how they will be measured.
  3. Align - Identify dependencies (especially cross-functional) and assign owners to each KR.
  4. Finalize - Present OKRs to the reporting manager for approval
  5. Transmit - Communicate OKRs in the team meeting, make them visible to all team members and reinforce them during the 1:1s.
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