7 Signs of trust deficit

Trust is the foundation for agility and speed. Lack of trust leads to several issues like stress, disengagement, attrition etc.

According to Ken Blanchard, managers can identify trust deficit within their teams with the following signs:

  1. Stressed or anxious employees

    Employees feel unsafe and that they are not being valued.

  2. Micromanaging

    When managers micromanage, it fosters distrust within the team and stifles innovation, growth and collaboration. Micromanaging is one of the main reasons why employees leave. Employees should feel free to share ideas and make mistakes so that they can learn and grow.

  3. Active Disengagement

    Employees who do not trust their managers actively disengage and display lack of motivation in work.

  4. Employees aren’t contributing

    Distrust stunts creative ideas, honest feedback, and constructive criticism. If employees don’t trust their managers or each other, they are less likely to open up.

  5. Employees aren’t collaborating

    Trust is the key to successful teamwork. You can’t expect great collaboration if distrust exists in your team. When people fear their ideas will be ridiculed or rejected, or that someone else will take credit for their ideas, they will not collaborate.

  6. Employees leave only appreciative feedback

    If you only hear appreciative feedback and no developmental feedback, it is a tell-tale sign that employees cannot share honest feedback.

  7. Employees leave

    High attrition in your team is one of the most glaring signs of distrust. When employees don’t trust their managers or their coworkers, they simple leave the organisation.

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