Overcoming unconscious bias - Performance conversations

When discussing performance feedback with their team members, managers can take concrete set of actions to overcome specific types of biases.

  1. Recency bias - Looking at the feedback from the reviewers over the entire performance cycle
  2. Fundamental attribution error - Differentiate between situation factors at the workplace and personal factors that affected the performance
  3. Availability bias - Discussing work items that are less visible
  4. Leniency Error, Self-serving Bias, Similar-to-me Bias, Horns & Halos - Use multiple concrete, behavioral examples from reviewers to support BOTH strengths and development areas
  5. Stereotype-based Biases - Communicating the expectations for your employee in that role and level
  6. Stereotype-based Biases - Imagining the employee under a different social group and verifying if the feedback would still be the same
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