Outcome Based Pricing linked to the success of your OKRs

We truly believe that a good software product should help you achieve your desired outcomes 🎯 and Charging you per user irrespective of whether they use the software or not is totally wrong. That’s just a lazy way of pricing 🥱

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Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive OKR and Performance Culture building software that is not just Free for Small Teams and SMBs but also charges only when you achieve your OKRs.

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Objectives and Key Results

donePre-built templates for OKRs

doneAdd Multiple Owners for OKRs

doneAdd Dual Manager Reporting

donePredict OKR Achievements with Confidence Levels

doneAuto Create Standard OKRs for Frontline Workers

doneAdd Weights for OKRs

doneAdd Initiatives/Projects to OKRs

doneReceive Peer Feedback on OKRs

Check-Ins and Scoring

doneCheck-in Progress against OKRs

doneAdd context to Check-ins with Initiatives and Blockers

doneGet Manager Feedback on Check-Ins

doneAuto Score OKRs with default scales

doneAuto Key Result Tracking (HubSpot, Atlassian JIRA, Zoho, Freshdesk, Clickup, Asana, Zendesk)

donePre built Templates for Capturing Initiatives, Blockers

doneAdd Self Reflection to OKRs Scores

doneAdd Manager Reflection to OKRs Scores


doneAlign OKRs Vertically or Horizontally

doneAdd Multiple Alignment for OKRs

doneAlign Initiatives to OKRs

doneAlign Output (tasks, meetings, emails, documents etc.) with Outcomes

doneAlign KPIs to OKRs

OKR Controls

doneCreate OKRs at Company, Team or Individual Level

doneRestrict Company OKRs to certain Individuals

doneCustomize Tab for Company OKRs

doneAdd Teams and Nested Teams

doneCustomize Templates for OKRs

doneAdd Custom Scoring Scales

doneAdd OKR Visibility Controls

doneAdd Team and Company level OKR Creation Controls

1:1 Conversations and Peer Feedback

doneSchedule 1:1 Conversations between Manager and Team members

doneSchedule 1:1 Conversations between Peers

doneSchedule Team 1:1 conversations

doneRecurring 1:1 Meetings

donePre-built Agenda Templates for 1:1 Meetings

doneCustomize 1:1 Agenda Templates

doneIntegrate 1:1 Meetings with Calendar (G-Cal, Outlook)

doneCapture 1:1 Meeting Private Notes

doneGive Feedback to Manager on the Quality of Engagement for 1:1 Meetings

doneAdd and Assign Tasks to 1:1 meetings

doneIntegrate Microsoft Planner Tasks to 1:1 meetings


doneGive Feedback to Peers

doneRequest Feedback from Peers

doneChoose from Appreciative or Developmental Feedback Templates

doneCreate your own Appreciative and Development Feedback Templates

doneEdit or Delete Feedback

doneGive Feedback to Manager

Performance Conversations and Summary

doneAdd 360 Behavior Feedback (Self, Peers, Manager, Colleagues and Outsiders)

doneAdd Performance Reviews (Self and Manager)

doneUse Pre built Templates for Summarizing Performance (Impact, Strengths, Growth Areas and Future Experiences)

doneCalibration of Performance Ratings

doneAdd Custom Performance Rating Scales for Performance

doneAdd Custom Performance Rating Scales for 360 Behaviours

doneView Performance Summary

doneExport Performance Summary to PDF

Engagement, Coaching and Ongoing Success

doneSocial Feed with Mentions, Likes, Comments and more

doneSmart Nudges to increase Engagement

doneContinuous Culture Tracking with Pulse surveys

doneTrigger Engagement Campaigns and get reactions

doneUse Pre built Engagement Campaigns

doneMake OKRs Successful with Gamified Playbook

Reports, Dashboards and Analytics

doneDownloadable Reports

doneDashboards and Analytics

doneWeekly Activity Summary for Admins

doneWeekly Activity Summary for Managers


doneProductivity Suite Integration (Office 365, Google Workspace)

doneSlack Integration

doneMicrosoft Teams Integration

doneGoogle Workspace Integration

doneStorage Integration (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox)

doneAuto Data Sync (Google Workspace, AD)

doneSingle Sign On (Google Workspace, AD, SAML2.0)

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Estimate your price.

Number of users in your organization?
Average number of Objectives per user per quarter?
For achieving meaningful outcomes, you should pick 3 to 5 Objectives per quarter
How many Objectives will be achieved?
Our clients typically achieve 70% - 80% in a quarter
Number of Users100
Objectives per user4
No. of objective created400
Cost of creating an Objective$1
Creation Cost+ $400
Objectives Completed280
Cost per completed objective$3
Achievement Cost+ $840
Quarterly Estimate$1,240
Monthly Estimate≈ $413
Cost per user per month≈ $4.13
Save 54% per month
Note: Competitors charge between $9 to $19 per user per month.

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What is an outcome based pricing?


Outcome based pricing means you are charged only when you achieve your desired outcome i.e. when your objective score is Meets or Exceeds expectations. You will not be charged for the objective that has no progress or the score is fall short.

Why an outcome based pricing?


We believe charging you per employee irrespective of your success on using OKRs is a lazy way of working. In an outcome based pricing, our success is linked to your growth and this forces us to work harder to help you grow and succeed.

What is a desired outcome in the context of OKRs?


The primary goal of setting up OKRs is to align teams and individuals to achieve your organization goals (e.g.Increase ARR from $1 million to $3 million). The desired outcome is when your objective score meets the exceptation or exceeds the expectation.
For committed OKRs, objective achievement score range is between 0.6 to 1 and for aspirational objectives it is between 0.4 to 1.
The admins can also override these values for their organization.

What is the basis of your pricing?


An objective progress is calculated based on the progress made towards the key results.The Huminos platform calculates the score for each key result and objectives based on the progress with the help of standard scoring system of red (Fall short), orange (Meets Expectation) and green (Exceeds Expectation) indicator.
Our pricing starts when Objectives are “created” and then when Objectives move to Meets or Exceeds expectation score in other words when you achieve your desired outcome. Objective achievement is billed in the month your OKR cycle is ending.
There is no charge when the score of Objective is “Fall short”.

How many OKRs credits in a Free Plan?


500 OKRs are credited every quarter to your account. Typically, one should create 3 to 5 OKRs per employee in a quarter. The credits should cover up to 125 employees.

What happens when I exhaust the OKR credits in Free Plan?


You need upgrade to the Pay As Per Your Growth (PAYG) plan once you exhaust the 500 free OKR Credits.

Do I get free credits in PAYG Plan?


No. Once you upgrade the plan you’ll be charged for all OKRs created and or completed.

Do you charge based on Objective or Key Result or both?


We charge only for the Objective. There is no charge for the individual Key Result(s).

Since my employees are always achieving 100% of OKRs, why should I opt for an outcome based pricing?


“Houston, we have problem 🚀”! If your employees are always achieving 100% of OKRs, then they are being “sandbagged” or set in such a way that they can be achieved, in other words, the OKRs are not aspirational enough or they do not have sufficient stretch in them.OKRs are an opportunity to dream big and hopefully achieve these dreams. It is okay to fail on achieving an aspirational OKR but it is not okay to not aspire, if you know what we mean 😉Always remember - our success is linked to your growth 😇

How can I control the spend especially when the pricing is linked to OKRs?


OKRs by design bring radical alignment and force you to “orchestrate outcomes that matter for your growth”. It is never feasible for a team member to pick up 10 OKRs in a quarter and successfully deliver on all of them. Ideally, one should pick 3 to 5 OKRs in a quarter and do well to deliver on them.

How can ensure predictability of what I am charged month-on-month?


Success is un-predictable 😊 Since our pricing is linked to your success, there is an element of un-predictability in your monthly invoices. However, you can control this un-predictability with limits (upper and lower) on how many OKRs an employee can create. Click our Pricing Calculator to understand predictability

How I can ensure transparency in the billing?


We provide a real time tracker of expected monthly billing inside the platform which provides complete transparency of how many OKRs where created in that month and how many moved to “achieved” status.

Can I limit the OKRs per employee?


Yes. You can set minimum and maximum limits for OKRs per employee. The limits help you focus on outcomes that really matter for your growth and also avoid surprises when an invoice is generated.

Can I set alerts especially if I am nearing or exceeding the per employee limit?


Yes. You can set alerts when you are about to near or exceed per employee limit.

Can I delete OKRs and do you charge for deleted OKRs?


Yes. An OKR is billed once when it is created and then when it moves to “achieved” status. You can delete OKRs any time before monthly invoice is generated and there is no charge when it is deleted.

Can I change the score of Objective from “meets or exceeds” back to say “fall short” after it is billed?


Yes. An Objective is billed for its achievment in the month when the OKR cycle ends with the score of Meets and Exceeds expectation. You can change the score of Objectives at any time before the month invoice is generated. If for some reason, you change it back to “fall short” after it is billed and again change it to “meets or exceeds” the next month, that OKR will NOT be billed again in the next billing cycle.

Can I opt for annual billing?


No. Since the billing is linked to your outcomes, we do not wish to lock you in with annual pricing.

Can I use features like 1:1 Meetings, Pulse, Peer Feedback without creating OKRs?


No. OKRs are must to AIM (Aspire with OKRs, Inspire People through Culture and Measure Performance, continuously) for your growth.

Can I create shorter duration OKR cycles for example 2 Weeks?


No. Most companies have quarterly OKRs and we have examples of customers creating monthly OKRs. Creating, aligning and tracking OKRs is a thoughtful process and requires time to plan. We do not recommend shorter duration cycles for OKRs.

Can I switch between OKR cycles for example from quarterly to half-yearly?


Yes and No 🙃 Switching is not possible when after a cycle is activated and in progress. However, a new cycle can be created with an altogether new duration. Please note that when you create OKRs for half-year, you will be charged $6 per OKR when the OKRs move to achieved status.

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